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Welcome to our unique affiliate program (affiliate marketing program) where you can generate unlimited money to be paid to you on a monthly basis for the *lifetime. Our Associates Program helps professionals working in sales & marketing field specially into real estate, property management, hospitality, housekeeping and security services monetize their contacts. With various IFM (Integrated Facility Management) services available into our basket, associates directly offer their clients/customers to their recommendations and earn from qualifying contracts on monthly payment basis till this contract persist.  

*Lifetime = The period (lifespan) this FM service contract persist at affiliate’s referral lead. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does the Associates Program work?
    You can share our various FM services with your audience/direct clients/customers. You can instantly download the rate quotation through our website link to share with your customers and earn money (10% of the management fee on a monthly basis) on qualifying FM contracts on a monthly basis till this contract persist.
  • How do I qualify for this program?

    Service Sales & Marketing professionals working in real estate, FM services, hospitality, hotel industry, housekeeping & security services can participate in this program.

    If you are an influencer within your organization or with an established social media following you can also join our unique affiliate marketing program to earn good money for the lifetime.  
  • How do I earn in this program?
    You earn from qualifying FM service contracts. You will get 10% of the Management fee on a monthly basis till this FM service contracts persist.
  • How do I know the management fee being charged to the customer and my monthly earnings ?
    You can download the rate quotation being shared by you to the customer by visiting our FM services page, you will see Total Amount Before Tax (including 10%  Management fees) you will get 10% of this Management fees on a monthly basis into your bank account till this FM service contract persist.
  • Please clarify the exact figure of my monthly earnings?
    You can understand it in a more clear way
    Management Fees = 9% of the Total Amount Before Tax
    Affiliate Fees (To be paid on a monthly basis)  = 0.9% of the Total Amount Before Tax 
  • What will be my monthly affiliate fees in case there will be a negotiation from customer into the management fees?

    In Normal Scenario the Management Fees = 10% of the total Staff Force expenses chargeable on a monthly basis to the customer.

    Affiliate Fees = 10% of the Management Fees = 0.9% of the Total Amount Before Tax.

    If customer negotiates the management fees your affiliate fees will be negotiated accordingly.

    Let’s we get Management Fees = X% of Total Staff Force Expenses 

    Then Your Monthly Affiliate Fees = X% of the Management Fees 

  • How do I sign up to the program?

    We will review your application and approve it if you meet the qualifying criteria.

Download user guide on How to Sign Up ??  

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